Dear Fire Fighter Supporters

I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank you for supporting your local fire fighters. Your contributions will benefit fire fighters throughout Winston-Salem and Forsyth County. You show your support is not only for the fire fighters, but also your community.

The Winston-Salem Professional Fire Fighters Association represents more than 200 local firefighters, both active and retired, in their efforts to take a pro-active approach to fire safety and community services throughout our area. We are a non-profit professional organization; therefore, these pledges are not tax deductible for Federal tax purposes as a charitable contribution. But please be assured the Winston-Salem Professional Fire Fighters and the community they serve will benefit from your support.

Pay Your Pledge

It is important to note that we represent the career professional firefighters themselves (not the government agencies) and do not financially support any volunteer fire departments.

Historically, firefighters suffer over 100 line-of-duty deaths each year and many thousands of serious injuries. Our work environment includes hazards from burns, toxic environments, falls, falling objects, traffic hazards, disease exposures, and stress. Working with the citizens of Forsyth County, perhaps we can change these statistics.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at 336-403-7771 or at

Once again, I thank you for your support. It is friends like you that make a difference.

David Pollard,
Winston-Salem Professional Fire Fighters Association

The Firefighter

We are excited to announce the launching of The Firefighter, a quarterly magazine produced by PFFPNC. Within The Firefighter, we hope you find compelling content, new trends in the fire service and thought-provoking topics and inspiration. To read The Firefighter, please click the link below. West is everything from western North Carolina to Greensboro down through Charlotte.

The Firefighter, West, Fall 2023

The Firefighter, West, Spring 2023

The Firefighter, West, Winter 2023

Winston-Salem Fire Fighters Safety Programs

Here is a look at some of the safety programs we continue to work on:

The firefighters work on these programs while off duty and do not receive payment. Their goal is to cut down on the accidents and deaths caused by fire. Perhaps with your support, they will achieve this goal.