Dear Fire Fighter Supporters

When you purchase tickets to our bi-annual fundraising concerts, you are buying more than a fun evening listening to good tunes. Your purchase of vouchers funds several local programs, safety efforts, victim relief support, educational opportunities and much more.

Rest assured that your support goes directly to your local fire fighters association and remains within Buncombe County, deposited into a local bank and spent ONLY by your local firefighters. Some of the benefits of funds collected through these concerts include:

Pay Your Pledge

We want to thank you for your time, support and generosity. You are contributing to make the greater Asheville region a safer, smarter and more secure place to live, work and enjoy.

Scott Mullins,
Asheville Fire Fighters Association and PFFPNC President

The Firefighter

We are excited to announce the launching of The Firefighter, a quarterly magazine produced by PFFPNC. Within The Firefighter, we hope you find compelling content, new trends in the fire service and thought-provoking topics and inspiration. To read The Firefighter, please click the link below. West is everything from western North Carolina to Greensboro down through Charlotte.

The Firefighter, West, Fall 2023

The Firefighter, West, Spring 2023

The Firefighter, West, Winter 2023

Asheville Fire Fighters Safety Programs

Our benefit concerts help fund and support different facets of fire fighting, fire and safety education and victim support. Over the years, your donations have helped purchase a fire safety trailer, which teaches elementary school children fire safety; smoke detectors for the elderly and low-income families whom otherwise wouldn't have them in their homes; and coloring books for second graders that encourage fire safety. We also do a week-long program called Fire Escape for area junior high students who are interested in potentially becoming fire fighters. Youth learn how to extinguish small fires, operate a water hose and, in full turnout gear, complete an obstacle course.

The Asheville Fire Fighters Association represents the professional fire fighters of Asheville and has been proudly serving our community since 1946. We have made saving lives and property our lifelong profession and are asking the community to stand behind our efforts. In order to raise funds for our educational and safety programs, we host benefit concerts twice a year.

By purchasing tickets for our concerts, you are helping to support our many outstanding programs in Asheville and Western North Carolina. These include:

The Fire Fighters of our nation have one of the most hazardous occupations in terms of death and injury. Working with our citizens of Asheville and Buncombe County, perhaps we can change these statistics.

With the help of our friends in the community, we hope to make Asheville and Western North Carolina a safer place to live and raise our families.